Economic contraction in between trade war diminishes imports, but the region does not invest in the domestic market

Alacero - Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 3rd, 2019. Latin America registered its lowest...


Confirming the forecast of the last months, the new projection for 2019 indicates that the apparent consumption in the region should not exceed 68Mt with special impact in Mexico 

Latin America between Jan-Jun, 2019:

  • Crude steel production: 31,3 million tons...

On its 60th anniversary, Alacero brings together the steel value chain of Latin America in Buenos Aires between November 11st and 13rd

Alacero - Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 17, 2019. Amidst political uncertainties, growing...


Half of the Latin American economic contraction is represented by Mexico, which faces low production and weak trade

Latin America Jan-May de 2019:

  • Crude steel production: 25,9 million tons;
  • Rolled steel production: 21,1 millon tons.


Alacero - Sao Paulo, Brasil, June 19, 2019.

Faced with the information released (this week) on the fact that China has withdrawn its claim against the European Union to be recognized as a market economy by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Latin American Steel...


Although Latin America recorded its highest consumption in 6 months, the region's trade deficit continues to impact the industry

Latin America January-April, 2019:

  • Crude steel production: 20,7 million tons;
  • Rolled steel production: 16,7 million tons.
  • ...

Alacero discloses data on China-Latin America Foreign Trade with alarming figures

Alacero - Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 14, 2019. During 2018, Chinese exports of indirect steel trade to Latin America grew by 17%, reaching an impressive US $ 47,468 million....


Regional consumption sustains the Latin American steel market, with growth of projections for April

Latin America Jan-Feb, 2019:

  • Crude steel production: 15,4 million tons
  • Finished steel production: 12,7 million tons

Alacero - Sao Paulo, Brazil,...


Latin America in January 2019

  • 5.3 million tons  of crude steel produced
  • 4.2 million tons of finished steel produced    
  • 5.4  million tons of apparent...

Highlights of Latin America in 2018:

65.1 million tons crude steel production

53.7 million tons of rolled steel production

67.0 million tons of apparent steel consumption

10% decreased imports of Latin American steel

8% decreased exports of Latin American steel...


Consumption remains stable while crude steel manufacturing increases 1% in 2018

Alacero - Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 6th, 2018. Reflecting the global and regional improvement in the economic...


Alacero - São Paulo, Brasil, January 18th, 2019. This year, the architecture students of Latin America will design the topic a Fabric of Ideas and Innovation as a topic for the 12nd edition of the Alacero Steel Design Contest for Architecture Students 2018.



Increase in the share of Latin American imports makes the region the main destination of the chinese steel

  • China exported 5.1 Mt of steel to the world in November. Of which 730 thousand tons arrived in Latin America.
  • The...

Alacero - São Paulo, Brazil - December 28, 2018. Between January and November 2018, crude steel production in Latin America reached 60.0 million tons (Mt), 2% higher than that registered in the same period of 2017 (59.0 Mt). Brazil is the main producer with 53% of the regional total (32.1 Mt),...


Alacero - São Paulo, Brazil - November 29, 2018. Between January-October 2018, crude steel production in Latin America reached 54.8 million tons (Mt), 3% higher than that registered in the same period of 2017 (53.4 Mt). Brazil is the main producer with 53% of the regional amount (29.3 Mt...