Environmental Policy Committee (COPAM)

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José Antonio Fonrouge


Flora Otero

Technical Secretary

Carlos Conde

Staff Support


  • To lead and strengthen the regional steel industry position in those matters related to environmental issues.
  • To provide information about national, regional and global experiences on environmental policy issues and their current developments.
  • To promote steel life cycle assessment methodology and holistic approach: including production, use, re-use and recycling of steel.
  • To share knowledge on environmental protection regulations in industrialized and developing countries, with special emphasis on the steel industry key challenges.
  • To provide information that allows the Steel Use Promotion Committee (CODUA) to generate strategies that reinforce steel as sustainable material and product.

To fulfill these objectives, the Committee encourages participation, organizes meetings and seminars, promotes surveys and benchmark studies, exchanges experiences and best practices and publishes a newletter, among other activities.

This Committee is restricted to Alacero´s members.

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