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Alacero´s Vision is to be the regional institution representing the steel industry in Latin America to promote and support its sustainability on the basis of its key role in the development of the region.


  • Promote steel use as the ideal material for a growing number of applications.
  • Generate awareness about the industry dedication to the environment and highlight steel as the most recyclable material.
  • Encourage the bonds with the steel value chain.
  • Promote fair competition in the region.
  • Share and promote best practices in industrial safety.
  • Participate actively of the international industry forums.
  • Coordinate and join initiatives with the National Steel Industry Associations of Latin America.

Alacero’s main objectives are to:

  • Gather and represent the Latin American steel value chain, promoting the integration among its different links.
  • Promote the values and communicate the contribution of the regional steel industry to innovation, quality, human resources development and sustainability.
  • Strengthen the ties among its members to face current and future challenge, with a common vision.
  • Communicate in a clear and efficient manner the industry´s distinctive attributes and the benefits of steel as a material.

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